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Glitter Add On for Buttons and Mirrors

Glitter Add On for Buttons and Mirrors

Please read the description in its entirety before adding to cart
This listing is an add on and can only be purchased with a minimum of 1 button or mirror. Glitter and button or mirror must be purchased within the same transaction.

Glitter costs .50 cents per button. Please choose colors from the drop down menu. If buying multiple buttons, please specify during check out which glitter type you would like on each button. 
If the "Mixed Glitter" option is chosen you must also specify which two glitters you would like to mix. Only 2 types of glitter can be mixed.

Ex: If you buy 5 buttons and 3 glitter options you would specify that you want Gold Star glitter on Design A, Mixed Glitter (Gold Star and Silver Star) on Design B, and Iridescent Star glitter on design C. The two other buttons will not have glitter.
Important to note:

Glitter is under the protective plastic of the button. Due to this, the button surface will not be completely smooth and will have small bumps/air pockets where the glitter is. This should not affect the functionality of the button or mirror, but is important to note before buying. 
0.50 USD